Scandinavian Wood Kids Side Table ROBO

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Scandinavian Wood Kids Side Table ROBO

SKU: 17-LH1883
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If you look for an adorable feature in your child’s room that combines both functionality and grace, Experience the Scandinavian Wood Kids Side Table - which transforms to a magical scene where escape is hiding. The frame is built with high-quality Beech wood imported from Europe therefore one assures him or herself of a strong and long lasting use hence making it good addition for your child's room.

Imagine this now – a side table that is perfectly sized and designed to match the size of your room. As for the dimensions, they are 430mm in length, 318 mm in width and 798mm height that creates a balance of function versus space. This side table is strong enough to withstand a maximum weight of 150kg and is an extremely reliable surface for everything, so it would be perfect for the playtime as well as storage.


L430 x W318 x H798mm

Inner height: 380mm
Stool: L237 x W266 x H195mm
Leg space (stool): L198 x W169 X H161mm
Dimension Variance: Product measurements are approximate and may exhibit a variance of up to +/- 10mm to accommodate the use of natural materials and the handcrafted quality of our products.
Frame: Europe Imported Beech Wood
Arms and Legs: North American Black Walnut Wood (FAS certified)
Mechanism: Magnetic door clip
Max Bearing Support: 150kg

Fixed color, not customizable. Same as display in pictures.

Sleek Scandinavian Design: 

A modern and stylish Scandinavian side table that will go in any kids’ room decor.

Distinct North American Black Walnut Arms and Legs: 

All limbs and members are accredited as North American Black Walnut Wood to offer a rich, unique aesthetic allure that is of high quality.

Magnetic Door Clip Mechanism: 

It also features a practical magnetic door clip mechanism, which allows for easy access to the storage space without having to worry about how closed or opened this side table’s door is. This is an innovative design that offers both functionality and safety.

Child-Friendly Height: 

The table is ideally suited for the appropriate height of children and designed in an ergonomic way, within reach so that little ones can claim ownership.

Cute design

Adorable childlike robot design with dangling little arms on both sides, endearingly clumsy yet irresistibly charming.


Round edges

Every inch of this product is rounded and flawlessly polished, ensuring a safe and comforting companion for your child's journey.



The robot harbors multiple secrets, inviting children to explore and enjoy, boosting interaction and engagement.


Smart Robot head

Topped with a Tmall Elf for intelligent control, transforming the robot into a child's playful interactive companion.


Tmall Elf operation:

1. Download Tmall Genie App

2. Log in with your Taobao account

3. Follow the Tmall Genie App instructions to input your WiFi credentials.(Support 2.4G)

4. Wait for the voice prompt to report the results of the pairing.



The robot's face is designed as a tissue dispenser and storage box.



Built-in Magnetic Device. The cover won't flip easily thanks to the integrated magnetic mechanism.


Ipad holder

A 260mm-long groove serves as a stand, accommodating pens, phones, iPads, and more.



Let your little one unleash their creativity on the robot's chalkboard belly—draw, stick stickers, and have a blast!


Belly's secret

The robot's spacious belly features double-layered compartments for organized storage, perfect for books, toys, and more.


Child-Friendly height

With a height of 798mm, even little ones can easily reach, fostering their self-management and organizational skills, and enjoying the fun of tidying up.



These cabinet legs are finely polished for a sleek look, ensuring both stability and anti-tipping security with special craftsmanship.


Compact Stool feature

This little stool is a hidden gem! Pull it out when needed, and seamlessly tuck it back under the cabinet.



Handpicked top-notch materials, bringing the essence of the forest home—premium wood, superb finishes, for a refreshing and healthy vibe.


German OSMO wood wax

1. Tightly bonds with the wood, providing durability and abrasion resistance, enhancing the texture.

2. Provides deep nourishment to the wood, preserving its natural grain.

3. Free from harmful substances, odorless, healthy, and environmentally friendly.

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