Captivating Bedroom Design Ideas

Bedroom design with metal bed frame and 1 seater sofa chair

The main space in your home for you to find respite after a long day, your bedroom must be well-designed to be comfortable and accommodating. It’s unlikely that you’ve questioned what kind of mattress or dressing table your friends and family would like you to have in your bedrooms. Sure, you’ll have to consider your lifestyle and guests’ needs when buying a sofa, dining table, or other common furniture found in living rooms – but the same does not apply to bedrooms. The bedroom has to be a personal oasis where you can relax and unwind, a place where you can simply be you.

When it comes to nailing your bedroom interior, one of the main things you should take into account is your personal style and taste. From your favourite colour schemes to interior design styles, every detail counts when transforming a mundane room with a queen size bed frame into the perfect bedroom. Beyond style, it should also be planned perfectly for recuperating. Throwing in a bed and a mattress will not suffice in making your bedroom an ideal area to get some beauty sleep – keeping up with the latest bedroom design trends will thus breathe some new life into your potential meditative space.

Bedroom Interior Trends of 2021

In the past, muted neutral tones were all the rave. However, since 2020, people have become more involved in their bedroom decoration and design ventures. Be it due to the lockdown that has many people staying at home for long periods at a time or new trends that have creative juices flowing, homeowners’ involvement in their design projects has become more apparent in 2021. So, what are some of the bedroom interior design trends that you can keep a lookout for this year? We cover them in this blog.

1. A statement bed

If there was one thing that should take centre stage in a bedroom, it should be the bed frame. Since it is the key piece, draw attention to it by opting for a frame that is vibrantly coloured or has patterns and shapes to it. Headboards that scream for attention and strikingly contrast the rest of the interior will show off your personality while offering practicality and comfort.

Metal bed frame with Mattress in bedroom

At the LoftHome furniture showroom in Singapore, we carry an array of bed frames that will complement any interior design style you have in mind. Our CHESTERFIELD bed frame is made of genuine leather and has button tufting – a subtle design feature. The WING leather bed frame comes in oxblood red, a bold statement piece in and of itself. Going for a minimalistic look? The DIAMOND bed has sleek metallic frames, a piece of contemporary furniture that will anchor your interior design scheme with its unique silhouette.

2. Boho chic palette

In 2021, say goodbye to whites and blacks, as colours that “go with the flow” will be trending. To maintain a stylish vibe, try adding textures to the interior and interest to the walls with paint finishes that are fresh and soothing. Opt for warm tones like reds, oranges, and yellows to diversify and decorate the bedroom with its detail.

3. Eclectic glamour & luxe looks

Velvet fabric sofa in green and red

Fabric Chesterfield Sofa | Union Jack Velvet

Although minimalism is a great design scheme to abide by when living in a small space, jewel-box interior design is also gaining popularity. Just as versatile as minimalism, a nod to maximalism that throws in lustrous finishes and exquisite patterns can be flexible when curated properly. Imagine a bedroom painted with a single colour, like a bold red, and a Union Jack Velvet fabric chesterfield sofa pushed up against the wall – you’ll have a room that exudes simplistic luxe to the tee.

4. Clear the clutter

Storage is an integral part of any design process. Even if you have a small amount of space to work with, the right storage solution will ensure that your space looks top-class. A side table or a chest of drawers like our JETBRASS cabinet will carve your bedroom into one that is multi-functional while still owning a stylish vibe.

5. Play with texture

Brown leather covered Storage side table placed in living room

You may also want to experiment with texture this new year. Be it the furniture, wall paint, or bed linens – it will add dimension and depth to the space. Contemporary furniture like the GREYASH ALU is the perfect example of mixing elements uniquely to add visual appeal to your room.