Dining Room Ideas Fit for a Feast

The Singapore Food Festival is an annual, month-long event that is usually held once a year but this year, the festival has taken the backseat and, as of date, has been postponed to August. But that does not mean that you can’t celebrate the diverse food options with your co-inhabitants! With food delivery now being a popular way to get mouth-watering meals sent right to your doorstep, all that’s left is creating the perfect ambience in your dining room to get the party started. Not sure where to begin when it comes to your dining room design? We cover dining room ideas that will help create a huge food fiesta in your humble abode!

The Basics of Dining Room Design

Often times, the dining room is rarely a room that is made full use of. The convenience of just grabbing your meal and sitting by the TV while lounging on the couch is unbeatable. Because of this, not much effort is put into the dining space – standard practice is to add a dining table and chairs just to fill the area. Adding to this is the fact that most dining rooms are regarded with more formality compared to other rooms in the house. However, even if it is not a space that is used frequently or daily, injecting some fun and putting in some effort when designing the space can make a tremendous difference in its overall feel. So, if you’re looking to create a dining space that reflects the grandeur imbued in food festivals, consider the following to make it an intimate affair:

1. Functionality

Being a place where you’ll probably host guests and expose it to an entire slew of mishaps like spills and stains, you’ll want the dining room design to not only be aesthetically pleasing but also functional and robust. With furniture being the main focus of interest, the material of the furnishings integrated into the space must be on point.

When it comes to dining tables, there are a few popular material choices – wood, ceramic, and marble. If planning a dinner party, then a more durable option would be best. Something that requires little to no maintenance is also ideal because let’s be honest, not all of us enjoy cleaning up the mess after the party is over. Wooden dining tables are durable, economical, and they also last for years. If the classic marble dining tables are opted for, then be sure that coasters are used all the time. Nothing sticky, hot, or cold should ever be placed directly on a marble top dining table.

2. Maximisation of the dining room layout

Space is scarce in most homes in Singapore. Therefore, choosing the correct dining table shape will set the foundation. For a comfortable dining space that is perfect for entertaining big crowds, opt for a long, rectangular dining table. Long and angular dining tables can also be pushed against wall corners, making them ideal if there is limited floor space. For a more cosy ambience, a round dining table would work well.

Gorgeous Yet Functional Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Whether you have your eyes set on a solid wood dining table or marble top dining table, you can make use of any affordable furniture to transform your dining room into an ideal spot for entertaining. Here are a few cool ideas to experiment with:

1. Go wild with your options


From geometric tables to ones designed with unique material, anything goes! One-of-a-kind pieces like the COLLAR and SKORPIO make great conversation starters. When buying dining tables in Singapore, look for innovative pieces like the LIAM, which has a lift-up mechanism so that you can host guests in the living room as well. 

2. Mixing the old with the new

Choosing a dining table set will most definitely be a convenient option. But to add some personality into the space, you can mix and match certain elements. For example, the STRATOS will work perfectly with vintage pieces like the CRANK. You can even mix other contemporary furniture and chairs with different upholstery for a more modern look.

3. Monochromatic

If mixing things up is not your cup of tea, you could work with 1 colour throughout the space. Got yourself a wooden dining table? Wooden dining benches can be used instead of stools for a more complete and cohesive feel.