Interior Design & The Global Pandemic

Picture of Blue sofa with Wooden coffee table and side table

Travel restrictions, lockdown, work from home, and the increasing appeal of shopping online – are a few of the many things that were brought about by the pandemic. Having impacted the way we work, play, and live our daily lives, it should come as no surprise that the pandemic has also had effects on the world of interior design. Given that people are now spending more time at home than ever before, the way we approach design has transformed, and it will not be the same post-pandemic either. From needing to build a makeshift home office to redesigning your entire abode to make it more comfortable on days you want to unwind, there have been new trends arising and shifts occurring – we cover them in this blog.

General Shifts in Interior Design

Before diving into the specific trend bandwagon that many Singaporeans are jumping on, it is worthy to take note of the slight shifts in how we view interior design. Once simply a way to demonstrate wealth and status, home interior has now become a conduit to showcase one’s personality. Although this fact remains the same to this day, the pandemic has altered the ways in which we bring our dream homes to life in the following ways:

1. Spatial planning

Sure, there are many benefits of working from home. However, with its benefits comes a set of consequences. As more people embrace this new work arrangement, reports show that individuals are working longer hours, unable to maintain work-life balance. Therefore, to separate business from pleasure, it is pivotal that the living space is designed to be multi-functional. Creative partitions such as display shelves, TV console cabinets, or even wooden study tables that help separate the home for different tasks and activities will come in handy.

2. Integrating productive workspaces

Study area with metal study table and metal study chair

Tapping on the above about planning out the use of available space, having a room dedicated to work is part of the New Normal. No longer a mere space to catch up on emails, the home offices of today have to be equipped with large workspaces, efficient storage, good lighting, and comfortable seating solutions. The same can be said for study rooms – kids who are on Home-Based Learning need to have a dedicated space to prevent distraction while attending zoom lessons.

3. Focusing on hygiene

Beyond actively keeping the house clean, opting for germ-resistant or easy to clean materials has become a practical choice amongst homeowners.

Interior Design Trends

So what exactly are the trends that have taken the world by storm? If you were to head down to a furniture warehouse in Singapore or look up in-trend contemporary furniture and design online, you’ll notice a few of these:

1. Earthy colours and natural materials

To cater to both work and play, colours that complement a purposefully designed space will be ideal. An earthier, versatile palette that contains great transition colours will guarantee to take your family from day to night. This is not to say that pops of colour are no longer on-trend. Those who yearn for variety in their experience of a home can choose bolder hues to uplift moods.

When it comes down to the choice of upholstery or furniture material, comfort and function are of more priority above all else. Comfy full grain leather sofas or L-shaped sofas that bring the family closer in a communal space make thoughtful purchases.

2. Getting creative with storage

Study area with metal study table and metal study chair

With more activity occurring in the living space – work and the kids running around – a more creative approach to storage is needed. Experimenting with display shelves and TV console cabinets enables parents and homeowners to quickly tidy up a space while having these contemporary furniture pieces double as a design accent.

3. Ordering furniture online

Since heading down to the physical store might not be a viable option for many, another best place to buy furniture in Singapore is from online stores like LoftHome. As a matter of fact, people are becoming more confident with their online buys and making extra savings due to the wide array of cheap furniture available at their disposal. With a surge of furniture companies even offering customisation services, it has become extremely easy to get exactly what you are looking for at a bargain.