Celebrity Homes: Interior Design Trends of the Rich & Famous

Long grey velvet fabric sofa set in living room

We’ve all been there – idolising celebrities, wishing that fame and money were things that would soon fall into our laps. However, gaining inspiration from trailblazers, world leaders, and trendsetters is just part and parcel of life. Based on the simple idea “I wish I could be like that”, we look up to these individuals to motivate us to change for the better. As much as the celebrities themselves hold much power to influence the masses, their lifestyle and fashion style are ones to send waves through pop culture. And guess what? The same can be said about their home interior. If you religiously follow reality TV shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, there is no denying that their homes are spellbinding. Large walk-in wardrobes, pools, and five-star resort-like themes, they check all the boxes of a stereotypical celebrity home. But before you get your design boots and find innovative ways to recreate these looks, it is best to understand current trends in the interior design world.

General Interior Design Trends of 2021

Trends are constantly changing. Be it fashion trends or interior design trends – one minute something is all the rave, and the next minute, it’s not. But based on our observations, there have been some common trends popping up inspired by current events and pop culture. Some of these include:

1. Textured furniture

Hanging bookshelf made of wood

Bookshelf | Hanging Box

Remember those flat and rectangular solid wood dining tables or chest of drawers that your parents cherished and never threw out? Well, those are not “in” anymore. Instead of rigid lines and forced solidity, everything from bookshelves to tables, the contemporary furniture of today should bring tactility and texture to your interior. Take, for example, the Hanging Box display shelf or the WAVE. These industrial-inspired vintage furniture are far from being pieces with no substance.

2. Design flair & divided open floor plan

No one likes a boring home. Although consistency is the name of the game, bringing visitors on a decorative journey is way cooler. Beyond throwing in splashes of colour or adding quirky elements to their living spaces, many have recently gravitated towards the concept of being open but private. Tapping on the ever-popular open plan living, with all that has been going on and more people working from home, the strategic division of space has become a necessity.

3. Korean & Japanese Interior

A fan of K-dramas? The Japanese or Korean interior design that borders minimalism is something that offers simplicity and function. Besides its timeless design aesthetic, the J and K wave that have taken the world by storm imparts with it a sense of calmness – something that is much needed in our concrete jungle.

Nailing the Celeb Look

Sure, celebrities have the money to splurge on all the luxuries and furniture. But that does not mean that you can’t recreate the same look in your home. With cheap furniture galore in every corner of Singapore, take note of these key aspects to bring the celeb home look to life:

1. Get your entryway settled

Wooden storage cabinet for the living room

The entryway is the first thing that everyone will notice when visiting your home. When styled properly, it becomes a masterpiece. Most celebrities live in mansions so they might have double staircases in this area – not a realistic design option given the apartments most of us live in. Instead, homeowners in Singapore could add statement pieces like a dramatic leather chair or ottoman like the CHESTERFIELD near the hallway.

2.A walk-in wardrobe is a must

Nothing screams luxury like a walk-in closet. Most celebrities have incredible wardrobes that everyone will be in awe of. In space-scarce Singapore, you could work around the space limitations in creative ways. Cabinets like the CONTAINER and stacked drawers like the GRETA can be added as staple pieces. Island benches like CHOCOLUSH will also give the room a retail feel.

3. Warm colours

It is a given that colours play a crucial role in interior design. If you looked closely, you’d realise that most celeb homes feature warm tones like browns and beiges. These earthy tones make it easy to layer furniture and give the living space a luxurious feel. So go all out with wood furniture! You won’t regret it.

4. Add excitement to your rooms

1 seater grey armchair sofa in living room

The celeb life is all about fun and living life to the fullest. Take the party to your living space with a bold wallpaper or graphic feature walls which will make a “good room” a great one. Reese Witherspoon for example, has floral wallpaper in her home. Though subtle, it elevates the simplistic wooden furniture that she has in her living space.

Designing a home like that of a celeb does not require a huge spending habit but rather a tasteful eye. Even if there are budget constraints, it is easy to pull off the luxurious look – especially when you shop at LoftHome. Not sure where to buy furniture in Singapore? Head down to our showroom and you’ll find the answer.