How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Home?

You've finally moved into your dream home. It's spacious, well-lit and stylish. But it's also...empty. All those beautiful rooms are just begging to be filled with furniture that complements your space. Where do you even start? With so many options, styles and budgets to consider, choosing furniture can feel overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be! In this article, we'll walk you through everything you need to know to pick the perfect pieces to turn your house into a home. From measuring your rooms and identifying your style to finding quality furniture that fits your space and budget, you'll learn insider tips to make furnishing your home a breeze. With the right guidance, you can create a cosy, stylish and functional space you'll love coming home to. So let's get started!

Determine Your Style: Define Your Home's Aesthetic

The first step is figuring out what style you want for your home. Do you prefer modern minimalism or cosy country cottage? Eclectic bohemian or sleek industrial chic? Defining your aesthetic will make choosing furniture so much easier.

Think about the overall vibe you want to create. Browse interior design magazines, Pinterest, and Instagram for inspiration. Save photos of rooms and pieces you love. Look for common themes to determine what styles appeal most to you.

Once you've narrowed down the options, decide on a style that fits your home's architecture and suits your daily needs. For example, rustic farmhouse style may not work well in a contemporary high-rise flat. And if you have kids or pets, extra durable fabrics are a must.

Mixing styles is absolutely fine too, as long as there's cohesion. Just make sure each piece flows together in terms of form, colour and material. For a harmonious look, limit yourself to 2 or 3 predominant styles and incorporate accents sparingly.

With your style defined, you'll have direction and focus when shopping for new pieces at furniture stores in Singapore like Loft Home. And your home will come together as a cohesive, curated space that reflects your unique personality.

Measure Your Space: Get Precise Dimensions

Once you have an idea of the style you want, it's time to get specific about the space you have to work with. Measure your room carefully, noting the dimensions of walls and any architectural details like bay windows or fireplaces that you want to highlight or work around.

For the best result, use a tape measure to get the length, width and height of the room in both metric and imperial units. Double check any awkward corners or irregular shapes. It's also a good idea to measure doorways, hallways and staircases to ensure any new pieces will actually fit into your home!

When measuring, think about how much space you need for walking paths and be sure to account for the scale of any existing furniture you want to keep. Having precise dimensions will help ensure you don't end up with pieces that are too large or small for your room.

Don't forget to measure the ceiling height as well, especially if you're interested in tall bookcases, cabinets or shelving units. And if there are any overhead lights, fans or beams to consider, measure how far they extend into the room.

With careful measurements in hand, you'll be well on your way to finding furniture that complements your space perfectly. So take your time, be exact and you'll be rewarded with a living room, bedroom or dining area that's stylish, functional and a perfect fit.

The Most Essential Furnishing for Your Home

To make your house feel like a home, there are a few key pieces of furniture you simply can’t live without.

A Comfortable Sofa

After a long day, there’s nothing quite like sinking into a soft, cushy sofa. Choose a sofa that suits your needs and style, whether a squishy sectional, firm futon or lavish settee. Measure your space to ensure it will fit and allow for walkways, then test out different sofas for comfort before purchasing. Having a cosy place to lounge and relax is essential for any home.

Sturdy Storage Furniture

Storage furniture like cabinets, drawers, shelves and hutches help keep your space organised and clutter-free. Look for high-quality pieces made of solid wood or metal that will withstand years of use. Chest of drawers are ideal for bedrooms, while a hutch or cabinet is perfect for displaying decorative items in your living room. For small spaces, consider multi-purpose furniture with built-in storage, such as an ottoman with a lift-top or benches with hidden compartments underneath.

A Dining Table

Whether you entertain guests or just enjoy casual meals at home, a dining table is a must. Choose a shape and size that fits your space and needs; round tables are intimate while rectangular tables seat more. For small areas, consider a space-saving option like a drop-leaf, pedestal or extendable table. An attractive dining table set with comfortable chairs invites you to slow down and savour both food and conversation.

With a sofa for relaxing, storage furniture for organisation and a dining table for meals, you'll have the essential pieces to make your house feel warm and welcoming. Add in personal touches like art, rugs, blankets and greenery to create a space perfect for the moments and memories of home.

Choosing the right furniture for your living room

When picking furniture for your living space, keep in mind how you intend to use the room. Do you like to host gatherings or is it mainly for relaxation? The pieces you choose should reflect the purpose and complement your personal style.

Look for sofa sets, loveseats, chairs, tables, cabinets and shelving that are the correct scale for your room’s size and layout. Having the right amount of seating is key - not too little that guests have nowhere to sit, but not too much that the space feels cramped. For smaller living rooms, consider space-efficient options like nesting tables, convertible or reclining furniture, and floating shelves.

For layout, determine how you want to arrange the seating. Around a central coffee table for conversation? Facing a TV or fireplace? Grouping furniture can make the room cosy while still leaving adequate walking space. Leave at least 2 to 3 feet between pieces so the arrangement feels open and natural.

In terms of style, choose complementary designs and finishes that flow together, while still providing visual interest. Mix textures like wood, metal and upholstered fabrics. Repeat accent colours to tie it all together. Keeping to a cohesive style will make your living room a welcoming, well-designed space for both you and your visitors to enjoy.

At Loft Home, our furniture is tailored to suit any home and lifestyle. Visit us in-store or shop online to view our wide range of stylish, high-quality living room collections. Our design experts can also provide customised layout recommendations to help you choose the perfect pieces for your space. Make your living room a reflection of who you are - with furniture handpicked just for you.

Choosing the right furniture for your bedroom

When selecting furniture for your bedroom, comfort and functionality are key. After all, your bedroom is your personal sanctuary where you unwind and recharge. Focus on pieces that suit your needs and complement your decor.

Size and layout

Consider the size and layout of your bedroom. Large, open spaces can accommodate bigger pieces like a king size bed, dresser and lounge chair. Compact rooms will require more streamlined furniture that utilises vertical space. Think double beds, tallboys and wall mounted shelves. Measure your room and create a floor plan before shopping to ensure everything fits properly.

Material and style

Choose furniture materials and styles you love. Popular options include wood, metal, upholstered and leather. Classic styles like coastal, mid-century modern or bohemian evoke a relaxed vibe perfect for bedrooms. However, go with what resonates with you. Your furniture should reflect your unique personality and style.

Storage solutions

Incorporate furniture that provides storage. Bedside tables with drawers, dressers, chest of drawers and wardrobes keep necessities tucked away and your space clutter-free. If space is limited, consider double duty pieces like a bed with drawers underneath or a dresser with a fold-down desk. You can also instal wall mounted shelves. Having adequate storage in your bedroom creates a peaceful ambiance.

Accent pieces

Include accent pieces that complete the look. An armchair or chaise lounge in a sitting area, artwork on the walls, decorative pillows and bedding all help make your bedroom a stylish and inviting retreat. Focus on high-quality, long-lasting pieces for your core furniture, then finish it off with accessories to suit your changing tastes.

With the right balance of comfort, style and function, you'll have a bedroom tailored perfectly for you. Sweet dreams!

Choosing the right furniture for your dining room

When selecting furniture for your dining area, think about how the space will be used. Will it be just for family meals or also for entertaining guests? Consider the size of your space and the number of people you need to seat.

For small spaces, opt for space-efficient furniture like:

  • Extendable tables: Extendable tables that can be pulled apart for extra seating and pushed back together when not in use. These are great for apartments or condos that do not have enough space, as they can save space yet offer flexibility for hosting friends.
  • Bench seating: Long benches without backs that can seat multiple people. They take up less room than chairs and are versatile.

For larger rooms, you have more options like:

  • Round tables: A round table is a great choice for encouraging conversation. Look for a pedestal base to maximise legroom.
  • Rectangular tables: A rectangular table provides the most seating in a rectangular room. For a custom look, consider a wooden table with carved legs.
  • Captain's chairs: High-backed chairs with armrests that provide comfortable and supportive seating. Their style works well for both casual and formal spaces.

No matter the size or shape of your room, choose high-quality, durable furniture that will withstand years of dining and entertaining. And don’t forget additional pieces like a buffet or sideboard to store linens, cutlery and other serving equipment. With the right furnishings selected for your needs and space, your dining room will become the heart of your home.


The key things to think about when choosing furniture for your home. Take the time to really envision how you want each room to look and feel. Be realistic about your lifestyle and how you'll actually use the space. Quality over quantity is the name of the game - a few exquisite pieces you love are better than a whole house full of so-so stuff. At Loft Home, we are home to over thousands of furniture items in different colours and configurations. From versatile dining tables to highly customisable sofas, you’re bound to find an item that fits your aesthetic at Loft Home. Searching for the right furniture is part of the fun of renovating your home, so be sure to enjoy the process!