Cool Interior Design Inspired by Pop Art

4 seater grey canvas fabric sofa with round metal coffee table

Heard of Andy Warhol? Keith Haring? If you have, then you’ll be glad to know that you’ve been exposed to the cultural phenomenon known as Pop Art. Not restricted to a specific definition and spanning various modes, pop art has transformed the art industry – even in Singapore. The Singapore International Festival of Arts, which will be held from the 14th to the 30th of May 2021, might not result from this artistic movement, but it most definitely embodies the philosophy that pop art is all about. Themed “An art festival reimagined for the future”, the Singapore International Festival of Arts aims to bring the world to you – quite apt to the interior design world too if you ask us. So, what do pop art and an art festival have to do with the interior design of your home? We cover them in this blog.

What is Pop Art?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how you can leverage pop art and gain inspiration from them to switch up your home interior design, it is pivotal to understand the main gist of this cultural movement. Having first emerged in the 1950s, it challenged traditional fine art. Drawing inspiration from popular and commercial culture such as movies, comic books, and advertising, these types of art stood out from the crowd – think about the famous Campbell’s Soup Cans by Andy Warhol. Impersonal by nature, it moves away from personal feelings and symbolism, only going all out with creativity.

Characteristics of Pop Art

In general, pop art is known for its vibrancy and unique characteristics. By using images and icons from popular media heavily and only turning to bright primary colours, there are specific prominent features in this art form. Another aspect worth mentioning is its level of innovation. Not necessarily creating something from scratch, most pop artists would take original works of others and put their own spin on them. How can you then apply the same technique to your home and make your living space “popping”?

Wooden bench with tribal woven fabric cushion

1. Colour Scheme

When designing a home, one of the first things you’ll have to decide on is the color scheme. Like works of art by pop artists, go for bright and clashing colors. One great way to ensure the colors don't look kitschy is to choose contrasting hues that are on the opposite ends of the color wheel – oranges and blues, as well as reds and greens, for example.

2. Furniture Choices

Once you’ve set the foundation, the next step is to start layering – with furniture, of course. Super vibrant and youthful decorative elements should be added to your home interior. For consistency throughout the space, colour blocking is a great technique to use, especially if you plan on throwing in prints and patterns. To embody the “pop art” style to a T, go for 60s style furniture. Retro-futuristic chairs made of unorthodox materials, minimalist sofas, or even egg armchairs are all contemporary furniture worth considering.

Pop art inspired LoftHome pieces

1 seater brown leather sofa chair in a living room

Lazy Sofa Chair - TOGO

There are a few pieces of furniture at the LoftHome furniture warehouse that are reminiscent of pop culture. Some of these include:

  1. BREAD: An industrial vintage-looking furniture, this leather and canvas sofa chair is subdued. But its odd shape screams quirkiness.

  2. UNION JACK & JEAN JACK: Nothing can get more iconic than the Union Jack. Made out of blue jeans, with a massive Union Jack printed on it, Andy Warhol would be proud.

  3. TOGO: We mentioned that egg armchairs are great contemporary furniture choices. A good alternative to the standard leather sofa, the Togo takes it up a notch with its unexpected design.

  4. Additional decor: To add some artistic appeal to your home, throw in pieces like the Mary cotton cushion, wall plaque, horse bust, and resin frog taper holder. These little touches might not seem like much, but they go a long way.

As you might have noticed by now pop art allows for humour and bold elements to be injected into your interior design. Invigorating your décor in multiple ways, this is an art form that you’ll definitely want to gain inspiration from.