Ditching Outdated Interior Trends Before 2024

As the year 2023 is approaching an end, this also means it’s time to refresh our living spaces and wave goodbyes to design trends that have overstayed their welcome. Ever since the re-opening from Covid-19 lockdown, it has ushered quite a wave of transformative changes in terms of design & trends for interior home concepts, especially with the seamless blend of tech & space usage. But for today, we are diving down into trends that will be making their exit as we break away from the old and move towards a new year in 2024.

The full white & cool grey monotones

Although in 2022 & 2023, the all-white or all-grey monochromatic rooms are dominating the design landscape, let’s be honest here, it’s getting boring. The initial allure of bright white rooms being pure fresh looking is losing its shine over time as it’s burdened by the demands of maintenance, not to mention, blandly plain with a lack of distinct personality. On the flip side, while the majority embraces the cool grey palette initially when it’s first out there, it seems to have succumbed to the dullness and coldness after some time, which can be quite depressing on a long run. The neutrality of these tones is fading away.


All white minimalist room with a 4 seater fabric sofa by Loft Home Furniture


What homeowners can do is inject life with a little textured or layering them with different shades and colours to bring your home back in style. Our upcoming article will guide you on how to revive your home's style with these creative solutions.

Rustic industrial spaces

Rustic industrial spaces, characterised by cool grey hues, dark wooden beams, and metal poles, vibes vintage in a certain manner with a touch of masculinity, have had their time in the spotlight. Picture a daily life surrounded by the harsh edges of structural design, tagged with an unwelcome feeling of cold and rigid aesthetic - a scenario that tends to dampen the mood, filling  it with gloominess especially when coupled with recessed, hard-shadow-casting lighting. It’s definitely losing its appeal to a more natural looking design. We are talking about having a more warm and comforting stay-at-home ambience moving forward, so you know.


Rustic industrial style with Steel Bed Spider by Loft Home Furniture


Rather than going on an extreme end of full fledged minimalism, a shift has been seen moving into the scandinavian style in recent years, making way for a more balanced and harmonious home while maintaining the minimalist feel. Interior designers are bidding farewell to overly bright lights, whilst reducing the characterless empty walls and spaces that screams the state of blankness. Faux materials are also leaving the scene since the current generation are looking for a more holistic and natural living environment.

Interestingly, this is not the only change spotted in the evolution of interior trends. Minimalist scandinavian is ditching the plain old minimalism and marrying the Japanese style; giving rise to the trendsetter - Japandi. Stay tuned for our next article as we unravel the beauty of this fusion while embracing the new and staying 'IN'. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter for the latest updates and promotions. Let's embark on this design journey together!