Draw Inspiration from these Korean Apartment Interior Designs

4 seater brown leather l shape sofa with wooden coffee table

Did you know that there are now over 40 original K-dramas on Netflix? Be it the popularity of K-beauty products or the ever-growing fanbase for K-pop bands, whatever the reason, K-pop is now a global phenomenon. Today, the Korean culture has not only seeped into our daily lives but also influences home interior design in Singapore.

The Low-Down on Korean Interior Design

When it comes to interior design in Singapore and Korea, there is one thing in common – working with space limitations. Given the rise and space constraints, many take on a minimalistic approach – traces of which can even be seen in your favourite Korean drama sets. Serving some serious interior design style inspiration, we look at some of the most awe-inspiring Korean house setting interiors for some design lessons.

1. Guardian: The Lonely & Great God

Set in a space with unparalleled decorative elements that spell class and heirloom chic, the interior, is surprisingly simplistic. The vast space is almost void of furniture, complementing the mysterious aesthetic of the plot. Perfecting the balance of materials like wood, glass, metals, and leather, a dark sense of whimsicality radiates throughout the bright and open house with its vintage furniture, brick walls, and heavy chandeliers.

How to Get the Look

Fancy lights, subdued walls, marble floors, and rich mahogany tables – these will set the foundation of your living room. To add a refreshing mid-century twist, throw in vintage sofas like the Graphite Linen. Mix and match style couches like the Cowboy, is also a great way to be quirky and modern at the same time. Throw in wooden accents where possible, because let’s be honest, wood furniture is timeless and exudes elegance regardless of your existing interior design scheme.

Metal bed frame with Mattress in the bedroom

In your bedrooms, focus on using metals and woods. Opt for moody colours like greys and blues and inject reflective details with iron bed frames and large eclectic mirrors like our Fir framed wall mirror or Entablature. Add a few fancy lights, art pieces, and antiques for some character, and you’re all set!

2. Crash Landing on You

Set in a modern-day penthouse in South Korea, the lead actresses’ home looks almost like a greenhouse. Tropical inspired with pops of colour, and generous play on geometry and eclecticism, this colourful space that is enclosed in glass is juxtaposed by dark wood walls.

How to Get the Look

4 seater white fabric l shape sofa in a living room

If Yoon Se-Ri’s home is one of your dreams, go all out with a large boldly coloured, and structured sofa. Modern furniture pieces like the luxury Martin sofa, are a great way of replicating the restricted maximalism we see in this K-drama. At LoftHome, you can even customise your sofas to match the punchy hues of oranges and vibrant yellows we see in the series! Alternatively, elevate the visual appeal of your home design by experimenting with texture and throwing trendy cushions for a pop of colour.

3. The World of the Married

Full of betrayals, revenge, and devilish plots, it might seem contradictory that the home of Dr. Ji is the epitome of modern sophistication. Reflecting the apparent “perfect” family picture, her home is sleek, organised, and squeaky clean. Thriving on minimalism, solid hues paint the entire home, creating a warm atmosphere.

How to Get the Look

The secret is to keep the space relatively plain with a tasteful amount of texture interwoven into the home design. A sense of continuity is created with the use of similar materials in both the kitchen, dining, and living space in this open concept home. From marble top dining tables to classic white leather L-shape sofa, consistency is key when imitating this Korean home interior design.

Velvet bed frame with mattress in a blue bedroom

Lexi Bed Frame

In the bedrooms, neutral tones should be your go-to. The Lexi bed frame is almost identical to Dr. Ji’s! Add in the Gina TV console and the contemporary Ivan side table by your bedside, and Voila!

Not sure where to buy furniture in Singapore that will help you live your ultimate K-drama life? At LoftHome, we house a range of modern furniture. Schedule a 1-on-1 visit and share your Korean apartment interior design ideas with our experts and get a glimpse of our customised sofas and marble tables suitable for your home in Singapore.