How to Maintain Your Leather Sofa

3 seater brown leather sofa set with round Coffee table

Fabric sofas, genuine leather ones, 2 seater sofas, or 3 seater couches – there are several options when it comes to decorating the seating area in your living space. Whether looking for a sofa that caters to all your seating “needs” or buying a couch that has stylistic appeal, there is no denying that purchasing a new sofa can be a difficult feat given the extensiveness of styles, fabrics, and colours available. One way to ease the buying process would be to study the latest sofa trends that are known to make a statement. For example, bold statement pieces of bright colours, like oranges, tend to radiate a welcoming feeling that many have been drawn to recently since the lockdown. Tan leather in warm earthy shades is also making a comeback along with luxury sofas – think supremely comfortable velvet furniture pieces. Earthy velvets bring the world of eye-catching, rich velvets together with tones that breathe life and colour into the home subtly. Another sofa-type that has had mass appeal in the interior world for years on end, is genuine leather sofas. Possessing an enduring look and finish, leather sofas will make a good addition to your abode.

Types of Leather and Its Properties

There are two types of leather – unprotected and protected leather. The former, also known as aniline leather, is natural-looking, comfortable, and soft to the touch. Protected leather, on the other hand, is more durable because of its surface coating. However, protected or not, leather is known to be robust, low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting, and relatively easy to clean. The only concern you should have is the ability of your leather furniture to stand up against different conditions such as spills, stains, scratches, exposure to direct sunlight, and daily use.

How to Maintain Leather Sofa

Caring for leather sofa

Eyeing a timeless leather sofa, you spotted at a furniture shop in Singapore but not sure how to care for your leather upholstery later? Keeping your leather sofa in pristine condition is simple with the proper steps, especially if your leather furniture is of good quality. Here’s how you can maintain your leather furniture:

1. Clean it regularly

Although leather is a durable material, it is still vulnerable to staining. To remove any stains, be sure to avoid any DIY remedies. People tend to use ingredients like vinegar on their sofas assuming that it will clean off any dirt. But, the truth of the matter is that using such solutions can be too harsh on the upholstery of your sofa. Instead, use a soft cloth or brush to clean your sofa. If you need to use a damp cloth, test it on a small part of the leather before using it on the whole furniture piece. You can also use specialised cleaning products to treat and cleanse the leather sofa when necessary.

2. Condition it regularly

Since leather contains oils, it is important to replenish it often to keep your leather sofa feeling soft and luxurious to the touch. In this case, conditioning your leather sofa regularly helps prevent cracking caused by the natural material drying out.

3. Place it away from the light!

This might seem inevitable due to Singapore’s tropical climate, but exposure to UV rays or other heat sources will cause the leather to dry and crack as well. To avoid this, place your genuine leather sofas indoors and away from the windows.

4. Plump it frequently

Besides the quality of the leather itself, be sure to focus on the shape of the sofa. By plumping the sofa fibre filling, the shape of the sofa is maintained. Say goodbye to sinking into sagging couches and slow down the process at which your coach wears down.

5. Purchasing from a reliable distributor

Brown leather sofa selling at Loft Home Furniture

This might be a given but purchasing good quality leather sofas from reliable distributors like Loft Home from the get-go will save you lots of time and money in the future. When buying from furniture shops in Singapore that carry top-notch high-grade leather sofas or shopping for sofas online, be sure to check on warranties and return policies too.