Interior Design & Furniture 'INs' for 2024

In the previous article, design styles that have fallen out of favour were briefly explored, aiming to inform homeowners seeking a rejuvenating change before they begin their journey into a new year. Thus, attention to all existing homeowners and those in the process of becoming homeowners! Keep an eye out for the ‘IN’ trends in interior design and furniture that will be all hyped up as we usher in the year 2024. Stay with Loft Home and read on to delve into the latest and greatest for your living spaces!


Flexible & convertible sofa bed spotted in trend of Interior Furniture 2024

When we gather and speak about our home to our social circle, often it’s envisioned as a private holistic comfort space that welcomes us back to chill, relax and rest after a long exhausting day. That also means having convenience, accessibility and flexibility, especially in Singapore where homes are getting smaller in size. This transformation of space is due to the accessibility to advanced technology as well as the transition of Covid lockdown, hence birthing to a smart home with space flexibility. Sound/voice control, sensor control and mobile app control for various appliances in the house combined with bedroom or living room spaces that are transformable into a home office workspace and fitted with multifunctional furniture.


Last article, we touched briefly on the shifting of scandinavian style. Now more homeowners are choosing to add Japanese elements into scandinavian, resulting in the new Japandi! More nature inspired pieces like rattan wooden furniture and warmer hues are seen with touches of greenery, creating a harmonious and balanced area that breathes life. Organically natural materials are also highly sought after, especially like stone and pine.

Japandi style tv console seen in trend of Interior Furniture 2024

Warm Neutrals Gold Bits

The greys are not totally dead but lose the monotone ones, and opt for warmer neutrals to bring an inviting vibe to your cosy corner. You can layer the walls with different tones of warmth or add some texturing. It’s a good idea to throw in variant bits of gold so as to enhance the overall interior with luxe elegance, making it look timeless yet warm hearted. Besides that, you can never go outdated with having gold in different areas of your house. 

Warm tone wooden side table with gold fittings in trend of Interior Furniture 2024

Slightly Curvaceous

Organic shapes with curves and flows are spotted in a wide variety of furniture designs this season. It's not just seen in sofas but also cabinets, lamps, dining tables and more, bringing in forms that embrace fluidity and gentleness. These silhouettes add a sense of artistic ambience to a living room, sprouting comfort and softness to your space. Nothing beats more than to be able to soak into the warmth of an inviting home. 

Curved oval shaped cabinets and table sets in trend of Interior Furniture 2024

Vintage Bold & Bright

The bold hues with bright colours are making a comeback though while walking all over the vintage section. Bright patterned curtains tagged along with bold floral statement pieces will build a whole new form of edginess to be spotted, livening up its attractiveness perhaps for a nice good gathering. Tints of yellow, blue and even deep green are dished together for a mix and match, creating a distinctive presence for the homeowner.

Slightly curved bright blue vintage sofa in trend of Interior Furniture 2024

So this concludes the ‘IN’ trends for 2024. Right before the new year begins, start prepping to refurbish your living area and grant it a new look to welcome the year of the dragon! Pop into our store to snatch your favourite trending pieces before it’s too late.