Exploring the Latest Leather Sofa Trends in Singapore

You've been thinking about getting a new sofa. And not just any sofa - a leather sofa. There's something so luxurious about sinking into that buttery soft leather after a long day. But with all the options out there, how do you choose? What's the latest when it comes to leather sofas in Singapore? From retro chic to modern minimalism, there are so many gorgeous leather sofa styles to consider for your space. In this article, we'll walk through the top leather sofa trends so you can find your perfect match. We'll look at everything from colour and texture to the different types of leather and popular shapes. Get ready to explore the leather sofa styles taking over Singapore so you can make an informed choice for your home.

Exploring Classic Styles that Never Go Out of Fashion

If you're after timeless elegance, consider a classic Chesterfield or tufted sofa. With their rolled arms, deep buttoned backs and nailhead trim, these vintage-inspired designs ooze sophistication.

A wingback sofa is another ageless favourite. Its high back and "wings" provide privacy and comfort. Pair a leather wingback with a plush rug and reading lamp for a cosy library look.

For clean, masculine lines, you can't beat a mid-century modern sofa. Their simple, boxy shapes and tapered legs give a retro 1950s vibe that's eternally stylish. A buttery aniline leather in charcoal or tan complements their minimalist form perfectly.

Whatever classic style calls to you, rest assured you'll have a sofa that stands the test of time. Choose one of these time-honoured favourites and it will serve you well for years to come.

Discovering the newest looks in contemporary leather sofas

If you want the latest in leather sofa style, check out what's new and now in Singapore.

Sleek and minimal

For a chic, streamlined look, consider a low-profile sofa in top-grain leather. Brands like Muuto and Fritz Hansen are creating sofas with narrow arms, tight seat cushions and tapered wooden legs. The result is a minimal, tailored silhouette perfect for modern, uncluttered spaces.


Some designers are putting a modern spin on Chesterfield and cabriole sofas. Look for roll arms, tufted details and nailhead trim in updated proportions and unique leather hues like cognac, terracotta and forest green. British brands like Loaf and Sofa.com do this style particularly well.

Mixing materials

Why choose just one? Leather sofa brands are combining leather with velvet, linen, wool and other fabrics for an eclectic, luxe look. A leather base and back with linen seat cushions or a velvet bolster are just two examples of this stylish trend. If done well, mixing materials creates visual depth and contrast.

Singapore's unique influence on leather sofa choices

Singapore's diverse blend of cultures and hot, humid climate have shaped popular leather sofa choices here. Many homeowners opt for durable, low-maintenance leather sofas suited to Singapore's tropical weather.

Dark, matte leather sofas in shades of brown, black or deep red are perennial favourites, as they don't show dirt or stains easily. These earthy tones also match well with Singapore's lush greenery. Light or bright coloured leather sofas are less common, as they require more frequent cleaning in Singapore's dusty environment.

Another durable option you can consider is a sofa made from microfiber leather—Microfiber has a more cooling touch to it than real leather, and is exponentially more durable and easier to maintain. Moreover, as opposed to its genuine counterpart, microfiber leather is scratch resistant and waterproof. These properties make microfiber leather sofas a popular option for Singaporeans, who are concerned about the longevity of their sofas.

Colours and Textures

When it comes to leather sofas, you have many options to choose from in terms of colours and textures. Do you prefer a smooth, buttery soft leather or a distressed rugged leather with character? Black, brown and tan are timeless and versatile colours that work with most decor styles. For a pop of colour, consider a bold red, forest green or navy blue.

For a luxurious look and feel, full-grain leather and top-grain leather are fantastic high-quality choices with natural markings. Nubuck leather has a soft, velvety texture. Faux or bonded leather is a budget-friendly alternative with an artificial coating.

The colour and texture you choose comes down to personal preference and the style of your space. A leather sofa is an investment that can last for decades, so take your time exploring the many colours and textures to find one perfectly suited to you.

Small Space Solutions

If space is limited in your home, consider a small-scale leather sofa. A loveseat, apartment sofa or mini sofa can provide seating for two to three people without dominating your living room. For ultra-compact spaces, a chair and a half is a great option. Some space-saving types to consider:

  • Loveseats: Typically under 60 inches wide, loveseats are ideal for apartments, small homes or as a secondary seating area.
  • Apartment sofas: Slightly larger than a loveseat at around 66 to 72 inches wide, apartment sofas seat two to three people comfortably but have a small footprint.
  • Chair and a half: Seats one to two people, around 45 to 54 inches wide. Tucks into a corner or sits flush against a wall.
  • Mini sofas: Compact sofas around 66 to 72 inches wide that provide space for two to three people to lounge or sit upright. Easy to fit in studios, small flats and apartments.

No matter the size, a leather sofa can bring warmth and style to any space. Don't let a lack of room prevent you from investing in a high-quality leather sofa you'll enjoy for years to come. With some smart choices, even the smallest spaces can be stylish and welcoming.

Expert Tips

As one of Singapore’s most trusted leather sofa retailers, here are our pro tips to help you choose a high-quality leather sofa:

  • Select full-grain leather which wears well over time and develops a rich patina. Aniline and semi-aniline leathers provide the most natural feel.
  • Consider the leather’s thickness or weight, measured in millimetres. Typically, the higher the millimetre, the more durable the leather.
  • Test the leather’s resistance to stains by dropping some water on a sample. Higher quality leather will absorb slowly or bead up.
  • Examine the stitching which should be evenly spaced, with no loose threads. High-density foam and a sturdy frame also indicate good quality.
  • Ask about the leather’s origin and tanning process. Italian and New Zealand leathers are prized for their quality and environmental standards.
  • Consider a leather conditioner or protectorant which hydrates leather and protects from spills and stains. Apply it according to the directions before using your sofa.

With the right knowledge, you’ll be relaxing in luxury on your new leather sofa in no time. Our leather experts are always here to provide more tips and help you choose a sofa you'll enjoy for years to come.

Loft Home's Shopping Guide

When shopping for leather sofas at Loft Home, keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose your leather type. We offer genuine leather, PU leather and microfiber leather

Consider how much use it will get.

  • Pick a colour and finish. Options include black, brown, red, grey; aniline (plain), semi-aniline (lightly treated) or pigmented (most treated). Lighter, natural colours show marks more easily.
  • Decide on a style. Traditional, modern, transitional or eclectic? We have various arm styles, back heights, and numbers of seats to suit any decor.
  • Test for comfort. Our high-density foam and suspension systems provide excellent support. Try out the sofas to determine which firmness level you prefer.
  • Protect your investment. Treat your leather sofa well and it will last for years. Vacuum regularly, wipe up spills immediately, and condition as needed to maintain softness and durability.

With the wide range of high-quality leather sofas at Loft Home, you're sure to find one that is perfectly suited to your needs, style, and budget. Our expert staff can provide guidance and recommendations to help you choose the ideal leather sofa for your home.


Whether you're after something classic like the Chesterfield, contemporary like the modern leather sectional, or want to make a bold style statement with colour, there's a leather sofa out there for you. Just be sure to consider factors like budget, lifestyle needs, and interior decor when making your choice. Leather sofas are an investment after all. But ultimately, choose the style that makes you feel happiest and most at home. A new leather sofa can transform a space and provide comfort for years to come when you find the right fit. Happy sofa shopping!