Replicate the Great Gatsby Maximalist Interior Design

Replication of The Great Gatsby Interior Design Style

Calling all book lovers, World Book Day is just around the corner! Created by UNESCO on the 23rd of April 1995, World Book Day celebrates everything related to reading. From books to authors, the worldwide event that celebrates the life-changing effects books have on people’s lives. On the topic of life-changing books, there is no denying that some classics have left a lasting impression on many of us. And one of these that is filled with life and moral lessons, is The Great Gatsby. Having had four film adaptations released, there is much to take away from this novel set in the Jazz Age – even in terms of interior design!

If we were to put a name to the “Great Gatsby interior”, it’ll be maximalist interior design. The complete opposite of the well-known minimalist interior design, maximalism takes interior design to a whole other level – we cover the basics and ways in which you can achieve the look in your home.

A Breakdown on Maximalism

If maximalism takes minimalist interior design and flips it 180 degrees, what exactly does it encompass?

Maximalist Interior Design Style with Bookshelf and Aluminium Table

Rooted in the 1980s, maximalism is the ultimate definition of go big or go home. With an unrestrained mix of bold colours, free integration of both the old and the new, an abundant feast of prints, patterns, and textures, maximalist interior design provides an escape from the grey concrete jungle we are surrounded by. Focusing on elements of repetition, rich colours, and statement pieces, it all boils down to strategically layering your personal indulgences to pique people’s interest.

The Rules of Maximalism

Just because this interior design scheme allows you to go all out, that does not mean that throwing in random design elements and accents will have your home looking sleek and clean. To ensure that it looks well put together instead of a chaotic mess, abide by the following rules:

1. Pick a theme and know when to stop

Although the theme is all about hyper-personalisation and having fun, going overboard with maximalism is extremely easy. To avoid overwhelming the space, your colour play needs to be top-notch. Setting the foundation of any theme, the colour of your walls will allow for some restraint when you start layering furniture such as display shelves and bar tables.

2. Plan everything

In addition to picking a theme, make sure your furnishings and other accessories complement each other. Measure everything to ensure it fits properly and strikes the right balance.

3. Own your style

Whether you’re into contemporary furniture or vintage ones, maximalism lets you experiment with anything and everything. So, let loose and feel free to test out new styles that have intrigued you before – this is your chance!

Get the Great Gatsby Interior Look

Can’t wait to put this look together in your living space? Here at LoftHome, we have just the furniture collection that will make the Gatsby fan in you proud.

1. Luxury sofa or a statement piece

Large chandeliers, lacquered flooring, and candelabra are a few of the many things strewn all over Gatsby’s home. Since these might not be practical additions for apartments in Singapore, consider vintage study tables, marble dining tables, luxury sofas, or even customised sofas. Statement pieces like the RIVA and fabric sofas like KAS and the MONROE, will add dramatic flair to any modern home. Genuine leather sofas like the Genuine Leather Chesterfield Sofa will also exude opulence and luxury unlike any other.

2. Bar tables & large beds

Long, large, and elegant, bar tables and large beds oddly enough represent an old-money interior. Queen-sized bed frames or a king-sized bed, shades of brown as seen in our CHESTERFIELD genuine leather bed frame make for a swanky lair.

3. Geometric shapes

A definitive style, geometric shapes can be incorporated with subtle furniture pieces like the SARA coffee table. Even unique pieces like the Wood Mirror Half Circle will have geometric modernism fully at play in your rooms.

4. Classic vintage pieces

If Gatsby is not your cup of tea and you’re all for the Buchannan’s, choose a fresh colour palette that includes whites, soft pinks, and baby blues. This way, you can go for an old modern look with classic vintage-inspired pieces like the VINTAGE BRASS TV Console or the Vintage Shelf.