Wood Dragon Year 2024 Feng Shui Home Design Tips for Homeowners

Whether traditionally or in this modern century, it is well known that maintaining a harmonious balance in a home design layout is as important as maintaining the balance in our lives, especially for homeowners who believe in Feng Shui. This emerging year 2024 is the Year of the Wood Dragon, and today’s topic will be about balancing your home & furniture vibe as we ride this positive energy filled with new beginnings.

The year of the dragon favours ‘Emerald Green’ as its lucky colour in 2024 as it’s inspired by wood elements, emitting the vibe of nature and is associated with renewal, new beginnings and growth. Green itself also represents wealth and abundance, thus incorporating it in your life and home will help attract prosperity in finance. Do not exaggerate the green since Feng Shui is all about keeping a balance. Imperial yellow is also an ideal choice since it has always been related to royalty. 


Round bed side table in bedroom

The bed placement in a room is very important as it represents the overall health and wellbeing of the person, especially the master bedroom. Having side tables on both sides of your bed can create a harmonised space for married couples or those living together. It’s recommended to use round tables instead of those with edges to avoid negative impact. Drop some earthy tones around the surroundings for a smoothing and grounding atmosphere. 

Living Room

Curved sofa in a living room

Maintaining a good energy flow for the living room is very important, thus having a spacious living room that is decluttered allows for smooth sailing of energy circulation. Accessorise the space with wood elements with tints of green accents for boosting of vitality and growth. Choose a L-shaped sofa or a slightly curved one to enhance energy flow as it brings out the fluidity of the space. Since it’s the dragon year, do grab a few pieces of dragon art or decors to amplify its influence.

Home Office/Study Room

This aspect of the house symbolises career, business and wisdom. With growth energy pouring in, place a solid wooden study desk to set a strong foundation as well as to embrace the forces of nature. The synchronicity in style meets the approval of next year’s home interior trend. Place a lamp or red decor object to light up the passion and motivation of the fire element as it fuels wood to activate the dragon’s energy.

Solid study desk table for home office

In conclusion, always prioritise decluttering your space to allow flow of energy in your living space. Position the main object in that living area in the ‘commanding’ position for a positive impact. Do not over emphasis on an element or a certain colour to avoid tipping the balance of a  holistic space. 

Seize the energy of a new beginning

Now you can seize the opportunity to welcome the unique energy of a new beginning with these tips on hand that provide a good sense of understanding in Feng Shui for home interior styling. Time to strip the old and implement new furnishings just in time for spring cleaning. Keep in mind that a balance in home can support the nourishment of life but not perfect the living standards or conditions. Follow and subscribe to Loft Home Furniture for more tips and promotions.