Your Guide to Shopping for Furniture Online in Singapore

A big fan of huge savings? Well, guess what? The Great Singapore Sale is just around the corner, so get your cards ready and splurge on that luxury sofa you’ve been eyeing. Rumour has it that the Great Singapore Sale will be running from the 6th of June to the 7th of July – a full month’s worth of discounts and cheap buys! However, with the additional measures back in place, some may be wary about heading out and shopping in crowds. Especially when it comes to furniture, where most will want to feel the goods before putting their cash down. But that does not mean that you’ll have to miss out on all the massive sales! With several furniture suppliers taking things to the World Wide Web, online furniture shops in Singapore are aplenty. Simply look up “furniture online”, and you’re sure to be bombarded by a whole slew of options.

Although online shopping is now the new normal, it is understandable that shopping sight-unseen can be daunting for some. From being uncertain if the price is too good to be true or if the quality of the furniture will be up to par with your expectations, there are several common concerns amongst online shoppers. There are, however, certain tips and tricks to take note of to ensure your buy will not disappoint – we cover them in this blog.

Mistake #1: Not Referring to Measurements

Nobody wants to buy furniture only to get one that's too big for a specific room in their house, or even worse, too big to enter their front gate! To make sure this never happens, be sure to compare the measurements of the space you have available at home with that of the furniture. If there are no measurements stated on the online furniture shop, try reaching out to their customer service personnel. Flash sale, and you just don’t have the time for all that? At least refer to their refund policy so that you can return the piece if desperate.

Mistake #2: Not Considering Assembly & Delivery Charges

Ever added multiple items to your cart, only to check out and see a huge delivery charge added to the total? Well, we’ve all been there! Look into details such as GST, assembly service, and delivery charges so that you’re not on the receiving end of a bill shock at the end of the month.

Mistake #3: Not Being Wary of Massive Discounts

Although it’s discount season, be wary of deep discounts – deep meaning too good to be true cheap furniture! A reputable furniture store will rarely cut the cost of their products by large amounts. If there are stores that are selling “designer” furniture at a bargain, ensure they are not knock-offs. Check the credibility of the product and read reviews to gain more knowledge about the brand’s reputation.

Mistake #4: Not QC-ing the Furniture

Everyone loves receiving a package at their front door. Instead of ripping out everything and getting too excited about the delivery, take the time to study the furniture that was sent over from the warehouse. Make sure that there are no chips or cracks and that the piece of furniture is stable when standing on its own. Sofas, for example, should not have upholstery that looks old and tattered in hidden places. When it comes to dining tables, chairs, and shelves, it should not be shaky or squeaky when pressure is put on it.

Mistake #5: Not Fully Comprehending if it’s a Need

To prevent yourself from getting too carried away by the huge discounts, think carefully that what you’re adding to your cart will serve a functional purpose in your home. Unlike perishables that you can consume or easily hand over to someone, furniture is an investment that should be on display, not stored in the corner of a room.

What to Do When Shopping for Furniture Online?

Now that you’re well-versed on what not to do, here are a few things that you should do when shopping for contemporary furniture online:

1. Know the store you’re purchasing from

Are you a fan of contemporary, industrial-inspired furniture? Then be sure you’re shopping at a store that houses such furniture. Read the store's ‘about us’ page to gain a better understanding of the collection before settling.

2. Be prepared with all the information .

It’s common for furniture stores to have limited-time offers – think Flash Sales. Be sure you have all the necessary information like measurement, discount codes, and card details ready before your favourite pieces get sold out.

3. Make full use of promotions and bundle deals

Oftentimes, there will be special promotions. Spend a minimum amount and get free delivery or buy furniture from the contemporary collection and get $50 off – these are some of the promotions to look into so that you can benefit from large cost savings.

4. Plan and visualise

Taking measurements will ensure that the furniture will physically fit into your space, but that has nothing to do with aesthetics. Visualise how things will fit into your home and whether they will complement your existing interior design.