8cm Coconut Palm Mattress YUAN

SKU: 17-LH1947-1

8cm Coconut Palm Mattress YUAN

SKU: 17-LH1947-1
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The Coconut Palm Mattress is a luxury and environmentally friendly mattress which mixes antimicrobial fabric with coconut palm green essence. It provides a healthy sleep environment that is friendly to the skin and sustainable 3E coconut coir support. This mattress offers relaxation of the spine and revitalizing deep sleep necessary for general health.

The Contemporary 8cm Coconut Palm Mattes provide unparalleled supporting and soothing comfort by using the mixture of antibacterial and mite resisting fabric, foam, and coconut coir. Its 3D antibacterial knitted fabric ensures that you sleep in a clean, safe , breathable environment with a rate of 99 percent antibacterial and mites resistant. For this clean and neat eco-mattress where your body deserves to rest deeply on your back.


L1000 x W1900 x H80mm

L1200 x W1900 x H80mm

L1350 x W1900 x H80mm

L1500 x W1900 x H80mm

L1800 x W1900 x H80mm

L900 x W2000 x H80mm

L1000 x W2000 x H80mm

L1100 x W2000 x H80mm

L1200 x W2000 x H80mm

L1350 x W2000 x H80mm

L1500 x W2000 x H80mm

L1800 x W2000 x H80mm

Dimension Variance: Product measurements are approximate and may exhibit a variance of up to +/- 10mm to accommodate the use of natural materials and the handcrafted quality of our products.

Firmness Tension: 9 (Firm)
Layer 1: Antibacterial and Mite-resistant Fabric
Layer 2: Foam
Layer 3: 3E Coconut fiber
Layer 4: High-Density Foam
Layer 5: Antibacterial and Mite-resistant Fabric

Fixed color, not customizable. Same as display in pictures.

Sustainable Craftsmanship: The Contemporary 8cm Coconut Palm Mattress is an eco-friendly, comfortable, and top branded mattress that guarantees you of a sweet sleep.

Top Layer Convenience: For instance, the Antimicrobial Mattress has an easily washable top layer that can be removed for convenient disassembly, promoting a healthy, sanitary sleeping area and durability of its excellent quality.

Structural Stability: Our Essential Support Mattress features edge wrapping firm which provides reinforced structural stability, increased overall mattress solidity and stability of base for long lasting support.


Comfortable deep sleep, caring for the spine. People spend 1/3 of their lives in sleep; a comfortable mattress ensures quality sleep support.



Eco-friendly 3E coconut coir compressed using high-temperature hot-pressing technology. Enhanced flexibility, overall breathability, moisture resistance, and excellent pressure support, effectively caring for the spine.



Slightly firm. Wrapped with super-soft sponge above and below the coconut layer for a healthy, curve-hugging spine.



Curated variety of materials: Antibacterial, mite-resistant fabric + foam + coconut coir. Layered for a cloud-like comfort experience.



3D Antibacterial Knitted Fabric: Eco-friendly, breathable, antimicrobial, moisture-resistant, flexible. 99% antibacterial and mite-resistant rate for a clean, safe, and breathable sleep environment.


Removable top layer

360° fully zippered design for easy disassembly and washing. Top layer Detachable. Side and Bottom Non-Washable.


Edge Wrapping Technique Firm

Edge Wrapping Technique Firm and Stable Binding, Effectively Reinforcing Overall Structural Integrity.


Rounded corners

Soft rounded corners for a cozy feel and to protect against bumps, ensuring your family's safety.

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