Scandinavian Wood Kids Study Table MINI

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Scandinavian Wood Kids Study Table MINI

SKU: 17-LH1879
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Do you want to obtain a study table which combines powerful functionality and European elegance? For all your search for the best furniture for the kids_ study, the Scandinavian Wood Kids Study Table offers a simple solution in a stylish manner. This study table features a strong base that consists of imported Ash Wood from Europe with lifetime durability.

This table is a design that has been designed using ergonomic methods, with dimensions of L600 x W480 x H750 (mm) and for leg room at W 492 mm, which offers enough room for productive learning sessions. This study table comes with 4 protective PCs and stoppers, thus ensuring safety. They provide an excellent environment for study because they stop unwanted movements.

Dimensions: L600 x W480 xH750
Leg space: W492mm
Drawer: L444 x W315 x 70mm
Inner drawer: L426 x W285mm
Dimension Variance: Product measurements are approximate and may exhibit a variance of up to +/- 10mm to accommodate the use of natural materials and the handcrafted quality of our products.
Frame: European Imported AshWood
Hanging ear: North American Black Walnut Wood (FAS certified)
Drawer: Paulownia Wood
Stopper: 4pcs included
Max Bearing Support: 100kg

Fixed color, not customizable. Same as display in pictures.

Practical Drawer: This drawer is built out of strong and light Paulownia Wood. The drawer has space enough for things a student may want to use during studying.


Robust Support: It is made to carry about 100 kgs weight of load and it ensures stability and reliability from a number work stations and study purposes.


Child-Friendly: This table is designed specifically with safety and ease of use in mind. It will provide a suitable space for a young learner’s desk.


Versatile Usage: It can encourage an enabling environment for children to study that is suitable for readings, drawing, undertaking their creative projects, and so forth.


Stripped of complexity and intricate features, it embraces simplicity, universally enduring in style.


Polished corners

Every accessible part is rounded, polished without any rough edges, ensuring safe companionship in a child's growth.


Spacious desktop

Smooth and expansive desktop, providing ample space for easy use, effortlessly accommodating various daily activities.


Cable management

Wall-side cable management holes. In-desk wire holes for easy charging, organized cables for a cleaner and more orderly desktop.



Side hanging space on the desk. Utilizing space efficiently for enhanced stability, real wood hanging ears on both sides for headphones, and bags.


Spacious drawer

Big, single-drawer magic! Perfect for keeping all those kiddo bits and test stuff organized and in check. Total game-changer!



Rock-solid H-shaped legs made of real wood! No shaky business here; they grip the ground tight, with extra support to keep the desk super steady



Perfect for crafting by the bedside or getting down to business with some fast-paced writing. Fits any space effortlessly.


Ample leg space

Plenty of space for various chairs, legs stretched out comfortably—no restrictions, just room for every sitting style.



Picking top-notch materials from around the globe—good wood, quality finishes, for a fresh and healthy vibe.



Top-tier European ashwood! The noble choice for kids' furniture—hard, dense, fresh-smelling, and smooth in texture with minimal splinters.


German OSMO wood wax

1. Tightly bonds with the wood, providing durability and abrasion resistance, enhancing the texture.

2. Provides deep nourishment to the wood, preserving its natural grain.

3. Free from harmful substances, odorless, healthy, and environmentally friendly.



All the structure and materials passed the national safety checks with strict quality control, ensuring kids' healthy growth, and moms' peace of mind.



Every tiny detail is designed with love, making sure you and your little one get the best experience.


Drawer trail

Wood slides on both sides make drawer action a breeze—smooth and easy, no tugging required!

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